D Groups

What is a D-group?

A D-Group is a gender-specific, closed group of 3-5 people that meet weekly for accelerated spiritual transformation. D-groups can meet anytime and anywhere.

The three purposes of a D-group are to:
  1. Grow in spiritual maturity
  2. Serve in missional ministry
  3. Reproduce disciple makers

What to expect?

D-Group members read the Bible daily, meet together weekly, and participate in a service project bimonthly (disciplines) and will experience growth in six different areas (practices).

  1. Bible reading
  2. D-life Journal
  3. Prayer
  1. Fellowship
  2. Teaching
  3. Prayer
  4. Ministry
  5. Multiplication 
  6. Accountability

What does a D-group look like?

​D-Groups can meet anytime and anywhere including a coffee shop, cafe, home, park, prison, school, church, or place of business. When leading a D-Group, the following agenda should be followed:​

  • Fellowship Time - Create fellowship within the group wherever it meets. Share coffee, a snack, or a meal.
  • Accountability Time ​- Create accountability each week by asking if group members read their Bibles daily. Lead them to share some application points written in their D-life journals.
  • Prayer Time - Develop an on-going emphasis on prayer, with members taking responsibliity for leading the group in prayer, praying for specific prayer requests, and praying for revival in our land.
  • Tell the Story - Assign a member in the group each week to tell the Bible story or paraphrase the passage to be studied in his or her own words.
  • Read the Story - Assign another member in the group to read the passage to be studied from the Bible. See if anything was left out of the storytelling.
  • Facilitate Bible Study - Assign another member in your group to facilitate the Bible study using the questions provided in the weekly study guide. When facilitating, use the weekly study guide questions with intention. When time is an issue, use only 3 to 5 questions and work to intentionally involve all group members in the discussion. Keep the discussion on point. Be truthful, positive, and transparent. Clearly address theological issues when necessary. Always be sensitive to the Holy Spirit.
  • Ministry Planning Time - Spend a few minutes planning for your next ministry project. Each D-Group will do one ministry and evangelism project every two months.
  • Weekly Assignments - Make assignments for the next week to different members of the group to: lead in prayer, tell the story, read the story, and facilitate the Bible Study.